The SILS Office is the technology service provider for the SILS Consortium. Its small but efficient staff of dedicated professionals are proud to support public library services in Saskatchewan by maintaining SILS’s technology backbone, providing technology solutions to SILS’s members, and recommending possible service developments to the consortium board. The SILS Office is led by the Executive Director, who reports directly to the SILS board.

SILS Office staff work with but are not members of SILS Committees. Their participation in an advisory role during committee meetings keeps both parties informed and guides the recommendations sent to the Board for approval. SILS staff provide relevant information about technology that committees can then use to make recommendations to the Directors and recommend possible courses of action or service developments. SILS staff respectfully support the committee roles as defined and welcome the opportunity for feedback from agency staff during committee meetings.


Executive Director

The Executive Director reports to the SILS Board of Directors and is responsible for the SILS Office and the implementation of the organization's vision, mission and strategic plan. The Executive Director leads the ongoing development of the integrated library system (ILS) and information services and recommends products or procedures that will improve the services provided by SILS.

Executive Assistant

The Executive Assistant is responsible for the administrative functions of the SILS Office, the Board, and the Executive Committee. The Executive Assistant also supports the Executive Director through the research and writing of reports, briefing notes, and other documents.

Integrated Library System Administrator

The Integrated Library System Administrator is responsible for the support and administration of the integrated library system (ILS), including circulation, cataloguing, acquisitions, serials, reports, external interface functions, and public access.


Senior Software Developer

The Senior Software Developer supports the development of both patron-facing and internal staff applications; participates in data mining for the purposes of reporting and assessment; and curates a growing suite of APIs that will support both SILS and member development initiatives.


Client Services and Operations Support Analyst

The Client Services and Operations Support Analyst manages member websites, configures and manages the discovery layer, supports ILS modules, participates on the helpdesk, and provides training to member staff on SILS services when appropriate.