Statistics 2016

The data below is taken from the integrated library system software used by all public libraries in Saskatchewan. These numbers highlight the growing patron base and widespread use of the public library system in Saskatchewan, the continued growth of both physical and electronic collections, and a degree of cooperation between public library systems that remains unprecedented in Canada. 

Please note that not all statistics are comparable across all years due to changes in software systems in 2009-10, 2013 and 2015. Differences in each system’s data gathering and reporting methods will have affected overall numbers. The current system provides accurate and specific data which the consortium has been using to inform decision making since September 2015.


Circulation of Physical Materials
Holds Placed
Holds filled through SILS
Unique borrowers of Phys. MaterialsIndividual Customers
TitlesAll physical and electronic, including Library2Go and 3M
Physical Items


The chart below indicates the total number of Saskatchewan residents with library cards and the number of active patrons who have used their public library card at least once in the past two years. The data for active patrons is based on customers whose records show one of the following activities: check out, renewal, check-in, billing, payment, placing a hold, a new registration, or a login authentication to access an electronic resource. 

- Total Active
Dec 31, 2014 366,152 -
Dec 31, 2015 335,143 246,114
Dec 31, 2016 336,261 254,199

Context: Prior to SILS forming in 2010, each library system used their own separate software, so many Saskatchewan residents had multiple library cards as a result.  The launch of SILS meant that a library card could be used at any public library in the province (‘One Province, One Library Card'!).  Because residents are no longer required to carry library cards for multiple library systems, the total number of cardholders in recent years more accurately reflects the number of residents registered at a public library in Saskatchewan.

​Other factors that may have affected registered borrower counts include changes to the definition of a registered borrower, concerted attempts to remove duplicate borrowers from the database, and a change in policy in 2013 which made library cards transferable.  This policy change may have resulted in libraries issuing fewer cards as families are now able to share a single card.  All factors have remained consistent since September 2015, at which point the library system software changed and more accurate counts became available.

Data available: 2009-present; historical data available from government publications: 20092010-2014;

Collection Size by Title

The chart below provides the number of unique titles in SILS, as well as the number of new titles added per year. Electronic titles refer to e-books and e-audio books included in the catalogue, and 'print' titles refer to physical books and media.

- All Titles All Physical Titles All E-Titles Newly Added Physical Titles Newly Added E-Titles
2016 1,575,926 995,790 580,136 64,630 228,316

Data available: 2016-present

Collection Size by Physical Item

The chart below provides the number of physical items in SILS that are available for patrons to borrow, broken down by item type.  E-items such as e-books and e-audiobooks are not included.

- All Items Books Video Sound Recording Spoken Word Serials Other
2016 3,691,975 3,146,367 202,366 71,417 50,071 125,242 97,787

Data available: 2016-present

Circulation - Physical Materials

The chart below provides total annual circulation of physical materials (electronic materials are not included) by library system for the last full year.  Included are the number of unique borrowers, total circulation (checkouts and renewals combined), and total holds placed.

2016 Unique Borrowers Total Circulation Total Holds Placed
​Chinook Regional Library 6680 249,923 67,936
Lakeland Library Region 8996 357,661 74,231
Pahkisimon Nuyeah Library System 4874 113,443 8063
Palliser Regional Library 9260 369,996 61,343
Parkland Regional Library 8016 296,853 88,237
Regina Pulic Library 56,044 2,008,957 310,565
Saskatoon Public Library 86,526 2,537,991 443,355
Southeast Regional Library 11,905 407,955 122,116
Wapiti Regional Library 15,678 634,292 149,555
Wheatland Regional Library 12,339 526,145 163,997
Total 220,379 7,504,664 1,489,692


Circulation - eBooks and eAudiobooks

The chart below provides the number of eBooks and eAudiobooks from the Library2Go collection that were used by Saskatchewan residents in the last full year.

Value 2014 2015 2016
​Chinook Regional Library 35,083 36,133 36,058
Lakeland Library Region 48,975 51,584 49,800
Pahkisimon Nuyeah Library System 1792 1804 2200
Palliser Regional Library 45,597 44,291 42,604
Parkland Regional Library 32,434 34,734 35,509
Regina Pulic Library 122,689 126,420 122,295
Saskatoon Public Library 161,508 167,816 173,138
Southeast Regional Library 52,135 56,397 57,720
Wapiti Regional Library 56,546 57,925 59,709
Wheatland Regional Library 77,893 87,513 89,936
Total SILS 634,655 664,668 668,998

Data available: 2014-present

Interagency Holds

The chart below provides the number of physical items that were shipped between SILS agencies to fill hold requests.  ILL (interlibrary loan) items are excluded.

2016 Loaned to another library system Borrowed from another library system
​Chinook Regional Library 31,446 45,440
Lakeland Library Region 69,740 44,390
Pahkisimon Nuyeah Library System 26,706 4499
Palliser Regional Library 94,218 31,092
Parkland Regional Library 42,705 53,856
Regina Pulic Library 102,756 166,936
Saskatoon Public Library 138,528 192,483
Southeast Regional Library 76,150 62,866
Wapiti Regional Library 102,813 63,050
Wheatland Regional Library 59,114 83,388
Total SILS 748,012 748,000

Context: In 2016, 81% of the material shipped filled a hold request for titles that were not owned by the patron's local library system.  14% of the material shipped filled a hold request for titles that were owned by the local library system, but were out on loan.  5% of the material shipped filled a hold request for titles that were owned by the local library system, but were unavailable for other reasons.

Data available: 2016-present

Reciprocal Borrowing

The chart below shows the number of patrons who used their library cards in person at a library branch outside the library system that issued their card.

2016 Unique Borrowers Items Checked Out Hold Pickups
​Chinook Regional Library 279 3454 498
Lakeland Library Region 771 9294 1050
Pahkisimon Nuyeah Library System 354 1165 106
Palliser Regional Library 769 11,696 2079
Parkland Regional Library 438 5158 1283
Regina Pulic Library 2682 78,670 10,568
Saskatoon Public Library 5398 156,051 21,104
Southeast Regional Library 706 9394 1381
Wapiti Regional Library 1056 16,304 1542
Wheatland Regional Library 596 9252 2715

Data available: 2016 to present

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